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Joseph Lyddy Dry-Cote water repellent 1L

Joseph Lyddy Dry-Cote water repellent 1L

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Joseph Lyddy Dry-Cote is colourless, evaporates quickly and will not stain. Suitable for lightweight canvas which includes horse rugs as well as nylon, jackets, parkas, rucksacks and fabrics of all textures. Can also be used on Ripstop fabric.


1. Apply on dry articles.
2. Test a small area in an inconspicuous place first.
3. Dry-Cote may be applied directly to the article by brushing or spraying.
4. Apply Dry-Cote lightly and evenly, ensuring that the entire surface is covered. 5. In most circumstances, two light coats are sufficient.
Before exposing article to moisture, allow treated article to dry completly between coats.

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