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Joseph Lyddy Dry-Seal 1L

Joseph Lyddy Dry-Seal 1L

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Joseph Lyddy Dry-Seal is colourless and will not stain. For use on heavy-weight and open-weave fabrics. Prolongs life of canvas.


1. Stir contents thoroughly before use.
2. A small quantity of mineral turpentine may be added to adjust consistency to suit method of application.
3. Fabric to be treated must be dry and brushed free of dust and dirt.
4. Best applied at room temperature (16°C) or warmer.
5a. Apply evenly using a brush or cloth.
5b. For spray application, dilute with sufficient mineral turpentine to product fluid consistency.
6. Before exposing to moisture dry the treated article thoroughly in a well ventilated area, preferably outdoors in strong sun.
7. Brush and other equipment can be cleaned with mineral turpentine.
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