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Joseph Lyddy Farriers' Choice Hoof Dressing 450g

Joseph Lyddy Farriers' Choice Hoof Dressing 450g

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Joseph Lyddy Farriers’ Choice protects against moisture and keeps hoof pliable to prevent cracking/splitting of the wall, sole or frog of the hoof. The grease will not seal or clog the pores. The citrus fragrance has built-in insect repellent and softens, heals and stimulates normal hoof growth. For easy application apply with a brush. You can apply to the frog and sole to remove bacteria and slime from underneath. Farriers‘ Choice also protects against wet weather by creating a waterproof seal on the hoof.


1. Remove dirt from entire hoof area then clip hair if needed.
2. Using a brush or cloth, apply Farriers’ Choice to the wall, coronary band, bulb and frog of the hoof.
3. Repeat application if required.
4.If irritation occurs discontinue use.
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