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Saphir Cleaning Lotion

Saphir Cleaning Lotion

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The use of the Cleaning Lotion allows to remove all types of soiling as well as the possible excess of waxy deposits. It contains a significant amount of carnauba wax which brings after polishing, protection and shine.

This product is a very effective addition to the range of cleaning products offering an alternative to the use of Réno’mat when it is not necessary to remove all the finishing products that have been applied to the surface of the leather. For consumers who regularly use the products Saphir without resin or silicone and still want to clean them, the use of Universal Cream, in this case, proved definitely too soft. It offers this perfect compromise between these two products, one sometimes too strong, the other sometimes too soft.

Its formula preserves the basis of the icings that have been made on the shoes which makes it possible to realise a new frosting more quickly.

Suitable for smooth leather, oiled nubuck leather, synthetic leather, skai, printed coated fabric textiles, white rubber soles and sneakers.
Not classified as dangerous.

Bottle 125 ml

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